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Ballguard Introduction
How do Ballguard AOTCS Work.
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Work smart with Ball Guard.
         The system is compact and been designed for low cost installation, reliability and has a wide range of application.
The system can be fitted to both existing or new chiller plants.

The advantages
         With the outstanding design, Ball Guard provide the advantages of using Ball Guard system as follow :

  • The condenser water will not be mixing between the condenser water supply and condenser water
    return. When the condition of condenser water is not change, the chiller can be operated at the
    optimum efficiency.
  • The condenser water shall be always clean with the help of packaged filtering unit.
  • Packaged system design provides low cost of installation, space saving and reliable service in a wide
    range of applications.

Works as an energy guard

         The sponge rubber balls are injected into condenser water supply line in front of the chiller, by the ball injection pump. The balls then flow with the condenser water into chiller water box. When the balls pass through the condenser tube because of having a diameter slightly larger than the tube, they wipe the tube cleaning off any fouling mechanisms as well as the scale deposits that are present. The balls then reach the ball strainer and are separated from the condenser water and returned to the ball collector by the operating of the ball collection pump. The balls will be stored in the ball collector waiting for the next cycle. Meanwhile, with the continuous operating of the ball collection pump, the fouling mechanisms and scale has been carried along with the condenser water and passed through the packaged filtering unit before being captured and flushed out of the system. The system is provided with the programmable controller for operating the energy guard to work efficiently and can be fitted for every chiller plants with optional functions.

         Continuous movement of the sponge rubber balls which have diameter slightly larger than the inside diameter of the tube, and the specific gravity when wet similar to that of the condenser water, decrease heat resistance in several different ways :

  • Scale can not form on the tube walls.
  • Organic growths slime and algae which form on the tube walls are prevented.
  • Silt particles are not able to settle in the tubes.
  • Chemical deposits are prevented forming on the tube walls.
  • Stagnant layer of water that forms along the tube walls is disrupted by the movement of the sponge rubber balls.
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