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Ballguard Introduction
How do Ballguard AOTCS Work.
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How do Ball Guard AOTCS Work

         The basic operating principle of the Ball Guard AOTCS is very simple and involved two main cycles namely the Ball Injection cycle Ball Collection cycle.

         During the ball injection cycle (See fig 1),the ball injection pump will be activated to run which will draw water from the condenser water supply line and ‘purge down ‘ the balls from the bottom of the ball collector, discharging the ball through the injector nozzle into the inlet line of condenser.

         The sponge balls, which have a diameter slightly larger than the inside diameter of the condenser tubes, will be forced through the system pressure. All fouling deposits that are present will be completely wipes off when the balls flow though the condenser tube.

         The ball collection cycle (See fig 2) will start almost instantaneously after the completion to the ball injection cycle. The Ball injection pump will be stop while the Ball collection pump will be activated to run, collecting the balls from the ball strainer section. The ball strainer prevents the balls from flowing to cycle. The down stream condenser water which was drawn by the ball collection pump will be discharge back to the condenser water return to cooling tower line without the ball.

         This a completion of one cleaning cycle for Chiller. The Ball Guard AOTCS will go onto clean the subsequent Chiller (Maximum of two more) as programmed.

         If an optional solid separator unit was installed the water will clean off any impurities before discharging to the condenser water return to cooling tower line. The ball collection pump will continue to run and clean the water during the standby mode (See fig 3) before starting the next cycle.

         A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) controls the complete automatic operational function of the cleaning system The schedule of ball injection and collection can be pre programmed to suit to different Chiller with different operating condition.

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