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Frequently Asked Question

Q : Why buy Ball Guard Automatic On-Load Tube Cleaning System (AOTCS)?

A : The Ball Guard Automatic On-Load tube cleaning system (AOTCS) offers continuous automatic cleaning of condenser tube without shut down or interruption to the heat transfer process. The Ball Guard AOTCS method reduced electricity costs by ensuring the condenser tubes are deposits free and heat transfer efficiency is always maintained at optimum level. Cleaner tube mean lower maintenance cost, less down time and longer equipment life

Q : How dose the Ball Guard Automatic On-Load Tube Cleaning System (AOTCS)
Work ?

A : The Ball Guard AOTCS operates by injecting ball that are made from natural rubber material into the condenser water supply line. These balls which have a diameter slightly bigger than the internal tube diameter will wipe the tube off any fouling deposits as well as the scale deposits when the ball flow through the condenser tubes. The ball collector will collect the balls at the end of one cleaning cycle before beginning the next cycle.

Q : Why do I want a ball type cleaning comparing to brush type cleaning system?

A : Ball type cleaning system is installed not as an integrated parts to the main chiller system. Secondary pipes that linked to the main supply and return condenser pipe carry out the dispatch and collection of balls. Periodic Maintenance of the ball cleaning system can be carry can out without plant shut down because the system can be isolated from the main line. Installation o the system does not require and modification to the main equipment (Chiller) and thus will not affect the warranty of the equipment. The ball type cleaning system come with a filtering package that will filter off any suspended solid and keep the water clean.
The installation of the Brush type cleaning system required the system to be install on the condenser tube and modification of the condenser tubes is required. While the inner tube can be maintain reasonably clean the housing that housing that hold the brush on both ends of the condenser tube will be filled with microorganism like and algae and also the deposit of scaling. The formation of these fouling deposits will lower water flow and affect the heat transfer efficiency and cleaning process. The changing of the brush can only be carried out when the plant is shut down.
The changing of flow direction would mean there will be a period of time when the flow through the condenser will be lower than the rated flow rate, this will affect the heat transfer process and may trip the sensitive chiller.

Q : I already have a chemical treatment program.

A : The effective use of chemical depends largely on the quality of water, the surrounding environment pollution and the period of the usage. The formation of fouling deposits cannot be avoided effectively. The Ball Guard AOTCS prevent the formation of these fouling agent, you use less chemical.

Q : My system and equipment are new, why do I need Ball Guard AOTCS?

A : An open system picks up dirt from the surrounding environment. The deteriorates water quality will form deposits on the tube very quickly and this can happened even during the first week after running the new system. The installation of the Ball Guard AOTCS can avoid the formation of these fouling agents and eliminate this problem before it becomes unmanageable.

Q : Will the ball damage the soft copper tube of the condenser?

A : The sponge rubber ball are made from natural rubberized material, which has properties that are softer than copper. So it is very likely that the ball will be wear out the copper tube.

Q : What is the maintenance required by system and what is the life span of the ball?

A : With minimum moving parts the system dose not require form regular maintenance. The ball life varies from week to month and depends mainly on the cleaning frequency and the surface condition of the tubes.

Q : Can Ball Guard work if the cooling medium is for example seawater?

A : Yes the Ball Guard cleaning system is suitable for cleaning system the used seawater as the cooling medium. You may only need to change the material of some o the item like pump and valves. A special type of rubberized ball has to be use as well.

Q : How can you ensure that every tube is clean?

A : The watered ball have a specific gravity close to the cooling medium and have a sinking velocity of 4-8 cm/sec. These properties of the balls allow random cleaning of all tubes in the condenser.

Q : Can the Ball Guard Cleaning System be installed at current Chiller plant and if yes, will the cleaning system affect the operation of the chiller?

A : Yes, the cleaning system can be installed in the exiting Chiller plant. As the system is not install as an integrated part of he performance of the chiller are not affected.

Q : Will the balls be stick on the tubes?

A : The selection of the ball is very critical so as to prevent the from stucking or sticking on the tubes. As a general guideline, you have to select the ball with a size 1-mm bigger then the tube.

Q : How often are the tubes clean per day to maintain the tube deposit free?

A : The tubes are clean depending on the water quality, surrounding environment condition and the numbers of chiller to be clean. As a general guideline, the heat exchanger tubes have to be clean four times per hour per chiller.

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